MHS Students of 2nd Quarter

MHS proudly announces...Students of 2nd Quarter! Congratulations to all!

Large group photo:

Front (L-R): Adelae K. (Composition), Marissa A. (Composition and AP Psych), Luke N. (Precalculus), Addison A. (Intro to Tech Ed), Autumn B. (Algebra), Emma T.M. (Sophomore English), Katelyn P. (Chemistry), Hailey P. (World Cultures), and Mariah R. (Civics).

Middle (L-R): Taylor S. (Sports & Entertainment Marketing), Logan K. (Building Construction), Viviana S. (Anatomy and Physiology), Sabrina S. (Concert Band), Adeline Y. (Intro to Tech Ed), Kate A. (Intro to Tech Ed), Brent S. (Freshman English), Ray B. (Intro to Tech Ed), Alle G. (Spanish 2), Erin B. (Spanish 2), Mason G. (Physical Science), and Dominic R. (Chemistry).

Back (L-R): Garrett O. (Mayville Manufacturing), Ty H. (Mayville Manufacturing), Pablo R.K. (Algebra 2), Deonte O. (Earth and Space), Zack D. (Spanish 2), Nate R. (Woods Technology), Sam K. (Woods Technology), James W. (Metals), Tyson L. (Physical Science), and Braedon V. (Accounting).

Smaller group photo (lower right inset):

Hannah S. (Global Issues), Layne S. (Building Construction), Sam B. (College Preparatory Math 12), and Kelsea E. (Algebra 2 for Precalculus)

Way to go, Cardinals! You've made us proud! #mayvillecardinals #mayvilleschools #cardinalpride