2021-22 NHS Members

2021-22 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Mayville High School held its annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on Monday, November 8th in the MHS auditorium. 

Thank you to Mr. Hilber for being the keynote speaker, and to Mr. Sabol, Mr. Zarnott and Mrs. Noennig for their contributions, as well as to all of our staff and students for making this night a success! Congratulations to all of our existing members and to our new inductees! 

NHS Members pictured:

Front (L-R): Krista C., Hailey M., Zoe K., Caydince T., Hailey H. (Historian), Kiah B., Angelina W., Allie B., Josie B. (President), Emma B. (President), Leah S., Hannah S., Kaila W. (Vice President), Viviana S., and Harley S.

Middle (L-R): Edyn M., Shannan S., Kaylee N., Sabrina S., Taylor S., Pablo R.K., Anna T., Adelae K., Emily A., Caroline P., Allison G., Quin P., Sam B., Erin B. (Secretary), Kyra K., and Avi S.

Back (L-R): Marissa A., Eyan M., Zack F., Luke N., Zack D., Kalista L., Chase P., Joseph W., Harrison M., Zane V., Logan A., Hewsten S., Blake S., Nick V., and Braedon V. (Treasurer).

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