Virtual Learning

Mayville Virtual Learning Community

Full Virtual Learning - Families with students in grades 6-12 may choose a full virtual learning option for their children and will be offered a district provided virtual learning experience.

The high quality, media rich online courses meet the WI/national standards and prepare learners for 21st century challenges in education, workforce, and the global economy.

Grade 6-12 students choosing to participate in our school sponsored virtual school need to examine their personal skills and aptitudes for taking a class online. The following attributes will contribute greatly to a student’s success: self motivation, independent learner, computer literate, time management, effective communication skills, and personal commitment.

  • Staffing - Students will have access to an online curriculum to support their learning. An online teacher will be assigned to monitor student progress and communicate with the student and family.

  • Schedule - Students will be able to engage in synchronous or asynchronous learning opportunities. At the Middle school students will be engaged in curriculum approximately 5 hours/day; high school 6 hours/day. Teachers will be available for direct communications with families, and individual appointments will be able to be scheduled virtually.

  • Devices and Access - Students will be assigned a personal district mobile device and supporting curriculum, home internet access becomes vital for all students.

  • Early Identification - Teachers will monitor for students struggling to engage with virtual learning experiences.

  • Resources - Will require additional resources to support work and systems – all students will need to have access to a personal mobile device and supporting curriculum.

  • Grading - Traditional grading and assessments will be utilized.

  • Communication - Ongoing and systematic communication to staff and families.

What can I expect from enrollment in Mayville’s Virtual Learning Community?

Mayville School District teaching staff will act as learning coaches and complete weekly connections with each student. Our teaching staff will monitor progress of classes, monitor daily attendance, and conduct individual goal setting as needed.

Mayville School District virtual learners have the option of participating in the school district lunch program as well as our extra-curricular activities.

Virtual learners and their families will also have access to our Social Emotional Learning curriculum and our pupil services team throughout the school year.

Important Links & Resources

Grades 9-12 (WVS)

Mayville School District policy is such that any time a virtual learning platform is being used, whether for virtual enrollment or for hybrid at-home learning, that student information will be protected from disclosure to the extent FERPA requires. The District does not intend to capture student names, faces, likeness or work, but incidental recording or capture may occur.

Contact Information

Alternative Education Teacher:  Mac McFadden
Director of Teaching & Learning: Carrie Mathison