PBIS in Action

PBIS in Action

Parkview students learn early what it takes to be a good citizen - both in school, and away from school. Each child has made a commitment to being respectful, responsible and safe. That’s the Cardinal Way. As Principal Becky LeBouton likes to say, “That’s the way we fly!”

Being respectful, responsible and safe is an element of being a PBIS school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support, a system of expectations for how we act with our fellow students, staff and visitors. The program is based on a Response to Intervention (RtI) model, which has been successfully implemented in thousands of schools across the United States. PBIS schools often see decreases in behavior problems and increases in academic achievement. Parkview was named a PBIS School of Merit in 2013 - proof that the program has had an impact.

Every Parkview classroom has a matrix, a poster that explains expectations for behavior. Expectations for the cafeteria, for instance, are for students to wait their turns, be polite and to clean up their tables.

Children who exemplify the Cardinal Way get Cardinal Cards, which they can save for the once-a-month assembly featuring games and raffle prizes. Those Cardinal Way Celebrations are fun for everyone. Celebrations include guest speakers from Mayville High School organizations who talk about how they follow the Cardinal Way within their sport or club.  

At other times, student recognition entails a chance to help staff at recess, assist with hallway duty, or to be able to sit in the teacher’s chair for a day.

At Parkview, we believe that learning how to be respectful, responsible and safe should begin at a very young age - because it is easier to succeed in the classroom when a child has help succeeding in life!  

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