Community and Parent Volunteers Give Back More Than Just Time to Our School District. After a career in education and service as a Nursing Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, one could easily assume that after retirement, Eugenie Hildebrandt wouldn’t return so quickly to a school. You’d think she’d only wish to spend time with her husband and two grandchildren. However, upon retirement, she contacted the School District of Mayville, introduced herself, and expressed interest in volunteering at one of the District’s three schools. Her path to volunteering is a common one; community members and parents who wish to give back to the local school district and help children in any way they can. Eugenie’s story is one that is identical to the many community and parent volunteers that give time to the School District of Mayville. They are supporting programs ranging from athletics, music, supervision, field trips, academic help in reading, math, and language, as well as serving as classroom and office “helpers.” Currently the District has several volunteers, each having their own positive impact on our school and community. Eugenie works with children learning English as a second language. She says, “Seeing children respond to books, words, and new ideas is very rewarding.”

One specific area of support has been the work of local attorneys with Mayville High School’s Mock Trial program. Currently, Jeremy Vanderloop of Madden Vanderloop Law Firm S.C. volunteers as the attorney coach and works alongside social studies teacher Sara Dobberpuhl. Vanderloop comments, “The development and intellectual growth of the kids is what I find most rewarding. To see them compete using their brains instead of their brawn, is enjoyable.” The Mayville High School mock trial team has been the beneficiary of many volunteers who have given of countless hours over the years including Patrick Madden, Tom Schuessler, and the Honorable Judge John Storck.

Joanna Vander Schaaf, a mother of four children in our District, believes that the opportunity to give back to the School District is a “life changing” experience. She has been volunteering for over 10 years and has given of her time at Parkview Learning Center and Mayville Middle School. “To be able to help other children and see how much they can improve with the extra help is something I find very enjoyable.” Joanna also feels she now understands the educational process from a different perspective and until she started volunteering didn’t truly understand the day to day work of teachers and of children.

It’s been said by many that, “Without the help and support of our community and volunteers there are many programs that would appear very different to the community.” Take for example last week’s musical production of Into the Woods. From the orchestra to the costumes to the food for the kids, ticket sales, etc. all are done by volunteers.

It is commonly believed that those who volunteer tend to live a healthier and fuller life both physically and mentally. Whether you can give an hour or two per week or come every day all day, the schools can always use more volunteers. If you are interested in giving your time and talent by volunteering at one of the schools, please contact one of the building principals.

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