Mayville Middle School is the educational home of approximately 530 students in grades 3 - 8,  and 75 staff members.

Mayville Middle School welcomes students in grades 3-8.
The unique configuration of our school allows students, families and staff to form a school community that spans six school years. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) expectations provide a Responsible, Respectful and Safe learning environment for our students and staff. Grades 3 through 5 follow an elementary schedule and have a designated classroom teacher for the majority of their day, with specials and activities throughout the week. Grades 6 through 8 follow a middle school model, where students are grouped with content specialists for core academic classes and electives. The classrooms are arranged in groups of four with a central meeting area (pod) connecting them. There are six pods, one for each grade level. This organization allows for easy communication between staff and students, as well as a central meeting and work area.

We provide a relevant education for all students.
Built in 1997 and upgraded to provide building-wide wireless access, the middle school program integrates SmartBoards, iPads, Chromebooks and netbooks as common classroom tools to enhance classroom instruction. Recognizing technology as a learning tool, technology classes provide formal, age-appropriate training in the use of updated technology tools so students are proficient digital learners. Student engagement, responding to individual student needs and interests, and helping educators stay current with technology and best practices are all focus areas at our school.

The building is equipped for fine arts, performance arts, physical education and technology education.
In the tradition of the Mayville School District, middle school students are provided excellent fine arts facilities, the ability to be part of three bands, chorus, general music, theater arts, and visual arts. Our school also boasts a beautiful Physical Education facility, including a double gym, and multipurpose area. Mayville Middle School contains three science labs, which double as study areas. We have three computer labs with access to the Internet.

Co and extra-curricular activities help round out the student’s individual educational experience.
Mayville Middle School students have opportunity to participate in multiple co curricular and extracurricular activities to provide students with a well rounded experience. Band is available starting in Grade 5, vocal music begins in Grade 6, and in addition, athletics are offered for seventh and eighth grade students. The athletic program includes football, girls and boys basketball, girls volleyball, wrestling, and girls and boys track.  Art, Technology, and Culture Clubs are open to students in grades 3-8. Other student activities include student council, forensics, robotics, and yearbook.

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