Anti-Bullying Policy, Reporting

The Mayville Board of Education supports an educational environment that is free of harassment of any form. Students, employees and visitors are prohibited from engaging in any form of harassment or intimidation, either actual or threatened, toward students. It is the responsibility of administrators, staff members, and all students to prevent harassment from occurring.

Harassment means any action designed to insult, degrade, or stereotype any person or group because of sex, sexual orientation, race, national origin, ancestry, color, creed, religion, pregnancy, marital or parental status, or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.

Procedure for reporting:  Students who believe they have been subjected to harassment or any parent(s)/guardian(s) who believe their student has been subjected to harassment should report the incident(s) to the building principal/designee. Employees shall report observed incidents of harassment to the administration. Third party witnesses are strongly urged to report observed incidents of harassment to the administration. Every effort will be made, when requested, to maintain the confidentiality of witness identity unless the witness is requested to testify in a hearing. Report an incident (form)


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