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STEP (Senior Tax Exchange Program) is a program that began in Colorado and was first implemented in Kaukauna, WI in 1995.  The first program of its kind in Wisconsin, it allows senior citizens, 62 years of age and older, whose primary residences are in the District and who pay property tax on these residences, to work in their local school.  Since its inception, STEP is now offered in numerous school districts throughout Wisconsin.

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, the School District of Mayville will offer senior citizens to become active participants in STEP.  Our community members have a wealth of talents to share that will enhance the education of our students.  In this program volunteers earn a tax credit of a maximum $429 toward their school property tax based on a maximum of 52 volunteer hours, based on tax reasons.  


Purpose of STEP

We look forward to this program being a highly successful one that benefits all who are involved.  

STEP will:

  • assist students to learn more because of the expertise of  volunteers
  • help students learn from the life experiences of others

  • assist staff with various projects i.e. correcting papers, organizing, etc

  • increase community involvement in the school

  • provide a way for volunteers to utilize their skills and life experiences
  • provide school property tax relief to residents

Payment of Tax Credit

The property tax credit will be dispersed via a two-party check made out to the worker and appropriate treasurer in December and June.  This is to ensure payment against one’s school tax bill up to the amount of school taxes owed.  For 2016-17 the maximum number of hours that one can earn a tax credit for is 52.  A person who volunteers more than this number of hours cannot receive a larger tax credit.


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