We are a tech-savvy district!  


District Vision:

The Mayville School District fully believes that information and technology offers very powerful learning opportunities for our students, the staff and our community. In a very real sense technology has revolutionized education by enhancing creativity, allowing numerous avenues for communication, forces one to think and helps with the decision-making process if used properly and selectively. But in order to be successful in an information-based world, it is critical that a student develop competencies in the use and application of any given technology. Skills that will be promoted include higher level thinking, personal creativity, communication and responsible independent decision-making. To assist in this lofty goal the School District of Mayville will strive to assist all staff and students in order that they 
may be successful in a technology rich, information-based society by:  

  • Sharing a vision for using instructional technology based on solid research, cost effectiveness, and district need that is compatible with best practice
  • Building a solid base of technology literacy with the most willing staff members, but continuing to offer support as this initiative gathers momentum throughout the district
  • Designing a professional development program that supports the previous objective of encouraging the use of technology in instructional practice 
  • Designing a built-in component to the process that supports ongoing review to remain focused on new and innovative information that becomes available

District Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Mayville School District to support the philosophy of education by effectively utilizing instructional technology to address the following components in technology use. These, for the most part, have not changed from our previous technology plan but are still relevant to our mission of today. 

  • Improve student achievement as it relates to problem solving ability, thinking critically, communicating effectively and working collaboratively
  • Provide information literacy as a critical skill that will enable students to solve problems, utilize information and become lifelong members of the learning community
  • Provide information and technology resources that will allow students to handle a diverse set of challenges both now and in the future

To support this Mission and Vision the School District of Mayville has started a 1:1 program at the High School. The Mayville School District 1:1 Initiative is in its 5th year. Students are issued a computer at the start of their freshman year or upon enrollment in the district. If the family decides they would like to take the computer home for use outside of school hours then the district requires a $50 one time payment for that privilege. Payment plans will be accepted as follows $10/month for the first 5 months starting in September. If the $50 is not paid by the end of the first semester the computer will have to be returned to school until the final payments have been made. See our 1:1 page for more information.

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