Gifted and Talented Program


The Gifted and Talented (G&T) program has been instrumental in providing extensions, accelerations, and accommodations for advanced learners in the Mayville School District (MSD). As the personalized learning model of education develops throughout MSD the G&T model is becoming purposefully integrated into the classroom experience. Learners are beginning to seek out their own extensions, accelerations, and accommodations as they dig deeper into the topics they choose. Teachers are able to track the standards that have been mastered by each learne, and determine if further extensions are needed.

As this transformation is occurring, it is imperative that learners, parents, and faculty understand the changing role of G&T learners. Whereas, in the past the Coordinator often met with learners in individual or group settings, learners will now be able to stay in their classrooms in order to have their needs met.

G&T Programming...

  • Tracks gifted learners and their identification area(s) to ensure all areas and learners are accounted for

  • Works together with classroom teachers to fulfill learner needs and provide extensions

  • Encourages learners and teachers to DIG DEEPER  - Too often learners are memorizing, but not applying their knowledge. Teachers and learners are working to ensure the work that is done can be applied, and not just regurgitated.  

High School

At the high school, learners are also extended opportunities for…

  • Getting involved in the surrounding community  

  • Internships

  • Scholarships

  • Programs, conferences, and competitions

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