General Pricing: The full price student lunch is $2.35 at Parkview Primary and $2.70 at Middle school and $2.80 at the High school.   An adult lunch is $3.45. Additional milk and morning milk is $.45. The cost of a reduced price student lunch is $ .40.  Second Entree is $1.40.

Additional packets of condiments such as ketchup will cost 15 cents per packet in addition to the meal price. Each meal is provided with two packets of condiments, typically one serving of dressing for fresh salads or vegetables and one additional condiment. Our packet pricing was created to allow us to offer students more food options under the new USDA regulations. Please feel free to contact the Food Service Department with your questions or comments.

Free/Reduced Lunch: Many families qualify for Free/Reduced lunches, depending on economic factors. Contact the school secretary if you have questions or need further information about Free/Reduced Lunches.

Morning, Recess Milk:  Milk can be purchased for students grades K-3 using the lunch card system. Milk prices are $0.45 per single half-pint container. The cost for recess milk at Parkview is $0.45 per day and will be deducted from the lunch card system. Students who qualify for Free and/or Reduced lunch receive free milk with their lunch but must purchase recess milk separately. If you do not want your child to have recess milk, please notify your child's teacher and the office.


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