Food Service

Whether your student is in kindergarten or high school, on the football team or band squad, we want them to be satisfied with their school meals. The meals served in our cafeterias are based on five (5) main food groups: milk, meat/meat alternatives, grains, fruits and vegetables, which together equal a balanced lunch.

As we prepare menus, we research both the student trends and popular trends in the effort to offer food that students want to eat. This often means making several items “from scratch”. In addition to offering popular foods, we strive to prepare dishes that students may not encounter often, encouraging them to try new things! It is our goal to become more connected with the community, working closely with area business owners, local farmers, and community members. One way to accomplish this is by sourcing and buying  locally grown food when it is in season. Look for more locally purchased food!

Learning doesn't just happen in traditional classrooms. It can happen in our cafeteria too. We want Mayville's students to be aware of healthy eating habits, new food choices, and the rewards that come with both. If your student has any questions regarding their meal, please encourage them to approach one of the many food service employees at their school.

Share your questions or comments by contacting Mayville Food Service Director at (920) 387-7960 x 4160

Our Mission:

It is our mission to provide Mayville School District’s students with well balanced meals that fuel their bodies and minds. We believe that the cafeteria is an extension of the classroom. Our menus expose children to different and exciting meal options with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mayville School Food Service Director
(920)387-7960 x 4160

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